A Filmmaker Who Offers Corporate Branding Solutions

Creator of films with soul
Founder & CEO of Pansworld Television

What is common between IndianOil, L&T, Tata Group and Bajaj Electricals, when it comes to making corporate films?

They all prefer Pansworld Television, a company founded and nurtured by JOE PAN, writer-director. 25 years back after a short stint in advertising, Pan ventured into the production of corporate films. In those days the concept was new to many. And the films made were mostly self praising propaganda, which did not have much effect on the viewers.

Why was this happening? Because a corporate film making may look very simple, but it has to convince a highly learned audience. This requires the application of dual skills: first obviously is film crafting skills and the second and more important is the ability to understand industrial subjects.

Film is the only medium that can connect to one’s emotions. And every successful corporate has a story to tell. Therefore, presenting the story in an interesting and convincing way is the challenge for the filmmaker. While most corporate films have a self praising tone, Pansworld make them highly inspiring with credibility and conviction. These are ‘Films with Soul’

A Filmmaker Who Offers Corporate Branding Solutions

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