5 Tips to make an effective sales promotion film



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Tip 1: Define the content and target audience
A film may be shown to multiple audiences. But to create an impact, there has to be a focus. Therefore, identify your primary audience of the video first. After that decide what should be the key message that needs to be communicated. What is the need to describe the ‘theory of evolution’ when your aim is to sell a specific product or service?

Tip 2: Select a filmmaker who is capable of understanding your business
It’s not easy to get a filmmaker who understands your business well, because industrial subjects are alien to most filmmakers. If you want to make a video to influence customers, you must first have a convincing script.

Tip 3: Ownership of Leadership
A corporate film is a knowledge sharing platform between the company and its customers and stakeholders. Hence it is important for the leadership team to have ownership of the project and approve the content and framework before commencing the shooting.

Tip 4: Get a ‘film script’, instead of a content writing
If you look at critically, most corporate film scripts today are not really ‘film scripts’. Often a content writing is converted into the voice narration. This creates a visual disconnect and the film may look like a self-praising propaganda that does not impress the outside audiences.

Tip 5: Understand the role of team members
The shots must be finalized at pre production. During shooting, the filming crew must concentrate on creative picturization, while the client team must ensure that all logistics and preparations are promptly carried out. Avoid any creative interferences on location which may lead to professional conflicts at the cost of the film.

Filmmaking is an evolving art and therefore, once you get the right team, half the battle is won.

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