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“Corporates want visually resounding stories that connect across audiences to enhance their Brand Connect to customer says Joe Pan, Pansworld Television

In the age of the Internet, a lot of marketing efforts is going on using Corporate Films and Advertising on the web. Joe Pan, CEO, Pansworld TV says, “While some slow to adapt companies stick to traditional advertising, other more aggressive companies have learned to mix online and offline marketing, such as Corporate Videos, creating a more effective branding plan. Corporate Films shot in a more evocative documentary drama style build a more credible story that seems to resonate on the new format of the Internet” added Joe Pan, a Mumbai based pioneer in the Corporate Films industry with over 500 films to his credit.

With the new media and technology lurking around the corner, traditional TV commercials are being overshadowed by the effectiveness of Corporate and Brand video advertisements in the Internet at an alarming rate. Today, high-speed Internet connections allow people to watch videos over the web without latency. Moreover, the Internet is now being used by almost everybody, regardless of race, age, country or financial status and has been dubbed as the new worldwide media. In fact, Corporate Films help in building a 360 degree saliency among employees, distributors, internal and external stakeholders.

“If you own or manage a business, you absolutely must consider creating or having developed for you, a unique corporate video commercial or presentation. But how many corporates realise the potential of a film to promote business?’ says Joe Pan. In a visually connected world, seeing is believing and what better way to create a positive impression to the discerning customers, investors, and yes, for attrition prone employees, than through a well crafted corporate branding film.

Joe Pan says, “A film can communicate and inspire people effectively without any language barriers. However, when it comes to making a corporate film, many people don’t get it right. In fact, most films are made on a trial and error basis. But things are changing. What used to be a self-praising audiovisual, has today evolved into a highly inspiring visible communication which has an emotional connect with the audience. As a result, globally, corporates treat film as an important vehicle for business development and brand promotion,’ he added.

A good corporate filmmaker must possess three sets of skills: one is the art of film crafting, and second and equally important is the ability to understand industrial, technical and complex business subjects. Finally the third and perhaps the most strategically challenging one – you need someone who can tell a memorable visual corporate brand story.

But the question is how many filmmakers have in-depth knowledge of industrial subjects? The first step in making an effective film is to select the right filmmaker who has both experience and expertise in industrial films. Remember, a good film helps to take your business to the next level. Therefore, it is important for the senior management to take ownership of the project instead of delegating it down the hierarchy. Ideally, the seniors must get involved in the selection of the filmmaker, and provide valuable guidelines for preparation of the script. Having made an effective film, let your marketing gain the visual advantage!

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