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  • A Filmmaker Who Offers Corporate Branding Solutions
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    JOE PAN,Creator of films with soulFounder & CEO of Pansworld Television What is common between IndianOil, L&T, Tata Group and Bajaj Electricals, when it comes to making corporate films? They all prefer Pansworld Television, a company founded and nurtured by JOE PAN, writer-director. 25 years back after a short stint in advertising, Pan ventured into the production of corporate films. In [Read More]

  • 5 Tips to make an effective sales promotion film
    In Blog 3
    Tip 1: Define the content and target audienceA film may be shown to multiple audiences. But to create an impact, there has to be a focus. Therefore, identify your primary audience ofthe video first. After that decide what should be the key messagethat needs to be communicated. What is the need to describe the‘theory of evolution’ when your aim is to sell a specific product or service? Tip 2: [Read More]
  • Importance of Video in effective Safety Training
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    When it comes to industrial operations, safety and profit are the two sides of the same coin. To put it simply, poor safety management can affect the profitability of the organisation.The construction industry has been leading the charge in safety compliance, thanks to customer demands to adopt global benchmarks in both quality standards and safety practices. Today, non-compliance of safety can [Read More]
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