For most companies, making a convincing video is not that easy. While there are many with specific individual skills, Pansworld is a single source offering multiple skills under one roof. Besides creative film crafting skills, Pansworld employs in-depth knowledge of industrial subjects to make very strong content driven videos.


When remote communication is the new normal, a Sales Booster Video is a powerful contemporary business promotion technique to connect with customers globally. It’s a virtual exhibition that takes your factory to clients anytime, anywhere.



Our Direction team visualises the clients’ strengths and capabilities into highly stylized scenes.



Our Cinematographers are well qualified and experienced professionals who, through their lighting skills and camera techniques, capture attractive visuals.



Highly skilled Editors create interesting videos with graphical packaging, VFX, voice, music and special effects.



After editing we do digital grading of the film with appealing colour tones, visual enhancements and digital corrections for a superior look and feel.


Our animation films begin with creative concepts, script writing, preparation of storyboard, character building and animation in 3D or 2D with VFX and editing with voice, music, etc.


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Transforming the conventional AV’s into films with soul is Pansworld. Founded by Joe Pan, a filmmaker with a unique background in the industry as a Marketing Manager and in the Advertising field as a Copywriter.

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